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Martin Bailey Martin.Bailey at
Wed Apr 21 08:29:39 UTC 2010

MSN have picked up on the same part of the Pete Interview that I first noticed: he doesn't like Who T Shirts.



Pete wouldn't wear Who clothing

Pete Townshend wouldn't wear The Who merchandise

Pete Townshend has told his own fans he wouldn't be caught wearing the band's merchandise.

In an interview on, the 64-year-old said he had no fashion regrets of his own, "even for some silly '80s haircuts", but admitted one way of dressing irritated him.

"We have become older while a whole range of fashion looks have passed by. The one I wish had passed sooner, but seems to have stuck, is the rock 'n' roll, 'I have the merchandise' look," he said. "You wouldn't catch me wearing any of the glamorous items they sell on this website."

The rocker continued: "I bite the hand that feeds me perhaps?

"You buy a t-shirt, I make about two cents after tax. Only young Japanese kids or 'Emos' seem to be able to wear a t-shirt with some decrepit old rock band's slogan or ikon on it and still look cool."

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