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Fri Apr 16 12:19:35 UTC 2010

Ernie said:

> Just one more thing, has anyone here heard "cannonball" by the  breeders?
> now, THAT'S an intro. lol.
> _YouTube - The Breeders  - CannonBall_
> ( <>)

I checked it out.  Its quirky and all over the place - in a good way.
The intro is certainly the best part of the song.

But - ouch! - that screeching fax machine noise part hurt my ears!
You've actually managed to inflict pain on someone from across the Internet!

Another choice for Greatest Intro: Money for Nothing by Dire Straits.

Its got everything:

        - the long synth chords
        - Sting thrown in for free
        - the MTV advert
        - rising crescendo
        - drums.  Like the end of the synth break in Won't Get Fooled Again.
        - then the guitar solo.  This is what air guitar was invented for.

I'll be surprised if this doesn't actually win the poll.
(Despite perhaps not being "rock" enough.)

Another band which are likely to do well is Pink Floyd.
If its a good Pink Floyd song, then its intro is GREAT too.

So: what's the best Who Intro?

        - Baba is good.
        - As is Who Are You.
        - And Won't Get Fooled Again.
        - The piano and water duet of Love Reign O'er Me.
        - Blistering guitar of Punk & the Godfather.
        - Acoustic guitar of Pinball Wizard.

There's so many to choose from.  And all so very varied from each other.

But if I had to choose one: The Real Me.

I hope its not cheating by including I am the Sea as it's intro.
But you can't have one without the other.

The start of the Quadrophenia film showcases this perfectly:

        - The voice of the four personalities.
        - The sound of an angry sea.
        - The distant piano.
        - Can you see the Real Me, can you?  CAN YOU!?

        - And then John, Pete and Keith kick in.

You know the rest.


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