Martin Bailey mobailey at
Sun Apr 11 09:17:28 UTC 2010

These polls are usually a good excuse to help advertise The Who's music, and 
this one's no exception.
Greatest Who Intro?  Loads come to mind.  Won't Get Fooled Again.  I Am The 
Sea / The Real Me.  Pinball Wizard.  Baba O'Riley.  There's a long list.

But this month I went for the rare non-Who option.  I voted for Neil Young's 
Cortez The Killer.
Practically the who song is an intro.
A great slow build-up, and a lesson in that guitar solos don't need to be 
played fast.



An intro is really pretty important. It starts the song, after all, and 
gives the listener their first taste of what's to come.
Unless it is one of those sneaky curveball intros that is nothing like the 
song. Those can occasionally be quite good too...

Sometimes it's a riff, sometimes it's a drum break, sometimes a spoken word 
introduction - occasionally it's even a synth refrain.
Whatever the case, an intro is sometimes the most recognisable part of the 
song and is often the most memorable.

In this month's poll we want to know what you think is the Greatest Rock 

Remember, this is the INTRO only that you're voting for - not the riff.
Sure, a riff is often in the intro to a song, but any votes for a riff that 
doesn't appear at the very beginning of the song will be discounted from the 
vote (and very possibly laughed at mercilessly by the Planet Rock staff).
So think hard, get that record collection out and find that one intro that 
really rocks your world. 

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