3 weird things found by Googling

Martin Bailey mobailey at ntlworld.com
Mon Apr 5 09:07:07 UTC 2010

Its amazing what you stumble over when looking at Who stuff.

It all started with this:

This month's Uncut Magazine have an article about "The 50 Greatest Lost 
Album" of all time.
At number 1, and on the magazine's cover, is Neil Young's "Time Fade's 
Good Choice.

They say:
"Believe it or not, there are still official releases by The Who, Van 
Morrison - even The Beatles - currently out of print.
Here's our pick, including an in-depth look at Neil Young's astonishing Time 
Fades Away."

So I wondered what Lost Who album they were thinking of.
Probably Lifehouse, I thought.  Or one on many possible live albums.

But no, I found the list on a German website.  Here's some of the list:

The 50 Greatest Albums Lost
Uncut , May 2010

1     Neil Young: Time Fades Away (1973)
2     Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band: Lick My Decals Off, Baby (1970)
3     Van Morrison: St Dominic's Preview (1972)
4     The Beatles: At The Hollywood Bowl (1977)

... lots of other stuff I've never heard of ...

17    The Who: Join Together (1990)

Huh?  Join Together?

"Lost"?  Surely "its available from all good record stores near you"?  Its 
on Amazon right now.
It was rereleased just a couple of years ago too.
Its not "lost" very well.  They just need to look harder.  Try looking down 
the back of the sofa.

And "Great"?  I hardly play it.  It has a nice version of Tommy, and some 
rarer live tracks.  But nothing "great".

... anyway, that page made me notice this this new release:


Out Here in the Fields - Legends of Reggae Celebrate the Who by Legends of 
MP3-only album release

1. Squeezebox	Toots & The Maytals	 3:11	£0.792. 
The Kids are Alright	The Mighty Diamonds	3:39	£0.793. 
Who are You	Chalice	3:47	£0.794. 
Won't Get Fooled Again	Luciano	5:06	£0.795. 
Behind Blue Eyes	Satta	4:40	£0.796. 
Reign O'er Me	Tessane Chin	5:09	£0.797. 
Bargain	Rhythmation	4:18	£0.798. 
Let My Love Open the Door	Wayne Armond	4:23	£0.799. 
Eminence Front	Wayne Armond	4:17	£0.7910. 
I Can See for Miles	Big Mountain and Utah Green	3:49	£0.7911. 
Baba O Riley	Rootz Underground	3:59	£0.7912. 
My Generation/Magic Bus	Gregory Isaacs

But it gets weirder....

I wanted to see if this album was released on a proper CD, said I search for 
it on Google shopping.

...which is how I ended my journey here:

This a Who style "Teenage Wasteland"  Bikini.  I kid you not.


"Eye Candy Outlet

Limited edition, one-of-a-kind, hand-made rock-n-roll bikini's

Teenage Wasteland

The Who Inspired

Teenage Wasteland, Limited Edition, one of a kind, hand cut, hand blinged, 
hand-made rock n roll bikini

Out here in the fields... you won't have to fight for your meals when you 
show up in this hot little one-piece.

Metallic blue tie-sides with Betty's classic triangle top, small little back 
and low-rider waist.
Stitched in silver and lined in royal blue.
Embellished with over 230 Swarovski® crystals and stamped with it's very own 
limited edition number.

Size Guide

Small  - A-Cup    - Petite
Medium - B-C Cup  - Curvy
Large  - D Cup    - larger"

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