RAH concert

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Fri Apr 2 13:23:07 UTC 2010

From: "Jim M" <nakedi at comcast.net>

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> From: "Scott Keller" <shkeller55 at yahoo.com>
>> John DeChristopher, VP-Artist Relations at Zildjian, is at the RAH 
>> concert and is posting on FB about it.  He says Eddie Vedder > is on 
>> stage right now, Zak is a rock star and Pete is a genius, period.
> According to Longliverock, the set was all Quad, with no extra songs or 
> encores.

Longliverock now have a fine audience boot of the show available.  It 
includes a quick review from an audience member next to the taper just after 
the final chords of Love Reign O'er Me fade away; "It was so moving.  It was 
incredible, great!"

Jim M 

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