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The Who might revisit Quadrophenia and Tommy for 2010 tour

It seems like the closer we get to Roger Daltrey's upcoming solo Use It Or Lose It dates, the more we're finding out about next year's Who tour. Daltrey's main reason for hitting the road next month is to keep him in shape for his December vocal sessions for the Who's new album and their subsequent 2010 tour.

In addition to touring behind the new concept album -- which Pete Townshend is currently holed up working on now -- for next year's tour, Daltrey is keen to perform both Quadrophenia in its entirety for the first time since 1997, and Tommy for the first time since 1989: [Click to listen if you have a backstage pass] "We're toying with the idea, along with the show we've got now, bringing back the production of Quadrophenia that the Who did, because we feel that that was ahead of it's time in 1996 and it would be good to give that an airing. And it also might be nice to do something on Tommy -- the way the Who used to do Tommy, which was just a band standing onstage playing it. Not the stage show, Y'know like the production we played at the Met. We might even go back and play it at the Met, who knows?" 

When pressed on what non-Who or solo material Daltrey is hoping to fit into his upcoming solo setlists, he admitted: [Click to listen if you have a backstage pass] "Y'know, I'd like to do at least one (laughs) Johnny Cash song, 'cause I love Johnny Cash and no one seems to his stuff anymore. Now that he's gone, you very rarely hear it in the live arena. I've got loads of favorite Johnny Cash ones. What would actually work as a great live song... 'Ring Of Fire' is one of the most magnificent songs ever live. I don't know what it is about that song, it just gets everybody singing every time you play it." 

Daltrey kicks off his Use It Or Lose It tour on October 10th in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom. Townshend's younger brother -- and touring Who member -- Simon Townshend will be part of Daltrey's backing band.
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