The Who Overrated & Underrated

Wed Sep 9 13:38:48 UTC 2009

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brianinatlanta2001 at writes:

> Emily Tartanella over at Magnet magazine rates The Who's 5 most overrated 
> and 5 most underrated works.

well, considering the people who have ended up covering "my generation" (a 
bunch of old people that became a youtube sensation and..... was it britney 
spears? ashlee simpson? one of those current "pop tarts"), I can see why one 
would claim that MG is overrated.  but, its sentiment is still something I 
carry with to this day. something I attempt to aspire to.   try it some 
time. ; )

I agree that "tommy" is overrated as well. works better as a live piece 
than a studio one, I think. 

"a legal matter" is DEFINITELY underrated. one of the best opening riffs 
EVER!  so cool. 

never knew "squeeze box" was "overrated"... but ok. ironic that "who by 
numbers" topped the "underrated" list... and "squeeze box" is on that album. 

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