Soo WHO drink ideas...revisited

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Wed Sep 9 11:53:27 UTC 2009

Well, I am a bit slow getting these drink ideas going and printing them on the menu.

Our menu is AWESOME looking though... I love it.

I've sifted through some of your drink ideas(thanks again for them), and I added a few of my own...but
and this is a big BUT 


This is what I have so far:


Whogasm- (Bailey's/Kaluha/Gentleman Jack - shaken with ice .YES YES YES YEEEEEEEEEEES!)



Happy Jack Daniels  



Sex on Brighton Beach

And these were your suggestions:



Bloody Mary Ann with the Shaky Hands



The John Entwistle (old) Red Wine  (but we currently do not carry wine...hoping to soon though)


The Keith Moon- a large brandy


The Audition - A large brandy with ginger (ale????)


The Roger Daltrey - Darjeeling Tea (because 'jee,' he's such a darlin').  yes I am a sick puppy, I know I know.



The Pete Townshend-??????????   I know he loved Remy- as did JAE, but we don't carry Remy- too pricey!


We don't carry Rolling Rock either!



I appreciate your help and will give you free drinks at Soo WHO for life if you can come up with a good PT drink!





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