Music legend Roger Daltrey to judge at musical festival

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>From the Hastings & St. Leonard's Observer:

Music legend Roger Daltrey to judge at musical festival
Published Date: 
28 August 2009 
By Richard Morris

Mod legend Roger Daltrey will be casting his expert ear over local rock bands at this year's Hastings Musical Festival. 
The charismatic singer shot to fame in the 1960s fronting musical behemoths The Who and the band - which also featured Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and madcap drummer Keith Moon - emerged at the forefront of popular music. 

Critically acclaimed albums a plenty followed and with classic tracks such as teen anthem My Generation, the absurdly modern sounding band helped pioneer a host of technical trickery still used today. On stage they were unrivalled, as proved with their tour de force 1970 album The Who Live at Leeds. And, not content with ruling the charts, the band evolved on unheard of musical tangents - producing a rock opera, Tommy, and the cinematic nihilistic classic Quadrophenia. 

Quite simply, without The Who, music would just not be the same. 

So, who better than the band's talismanic singer to judge the latest batch of rock talent here in Hastings? 

The Who legend will be at The White Rock Theatre on March 3 next year to adjudicate in the blossoming rock band class of the annual festival. 

And, the good news for local musicians is there are still places on the line-up. So if you fancy having your lyrics looked at and your singing scrutinised by one of British music's all-time greats, visit to download and entry form. 

Alternatively, pop into the theatre or the town centre information centre from early September for a hard copy. 

If you needed any other incentives, first prize in the rock band class nets £150, with second and third scooping £75 and £50 respectively.
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