The Who, The Mods And The Quadrophenia Connection

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Mon Sep 7 00:35:17 UTC 2009

New U.K. DVD to be released 5 Oct.
THE WHO The Who, The Mods And The Quadrophenia Connection (2009 UK DVD - There's barely any misinformation out there regarding the astonishing career path of The Who: the band formed 1964, were adopted as figureheads by the British Mods, they continued through the 1960s and 1970s making extraordinary record after extraordinary record [with a couple of 'rock operas' thrown in for good measure], Keith Moon their madcap drummer died in 1978 - and then it all went a bit pear shaped. The remaining members haven't made a standout track since Moon passed on. But as far as the Mod movement which had guaranteed The Who's early success, and the Pete Townsend composed musical depiction of that movement, 'Quadrophenia' are concerned, the story has been twisted, complicated and misunderstood, but remains endlessly fascinating. The band, the movement, the album, the second wave, the movie and now the 30th anniversary of the latter two, all make for a story that needs
 to be told in depth. That is exactly what this film does. Using recently unearthed archive footage from the early movement, rarely seen performance and interview footage of The Who, plus expert contributions and comment from a panel headed by friend of Pete Townsend and the band's 'Mr Fixit' throughout their career, Richard Barnes, and featuring; mod experts Paolo Hewitt and Terry Rawlins; the ever delightful owner of Acid Jazz records, DJ and broadcaster, Eddie Pillar; members of Mod revivalists The Chords ad The Purple Hearts; Who biographer and 1960s expert, Alan Clayson and a host of others).
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