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Sun Sep 6 14:59:43 UTC 2009

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>> Guess Springsteen was wrong, then!
> I assume you're referring to the song "growin' up", ironically from his
> first album. like I said, springsteen is better at that concept than pete.
> again, just my opinion.

Indeed I was!  My point is that rock and roll often *is* about growing up 
and always has been.  It's about not growing up in the way that your parents 
want you to or did themselves.  That's always been a recurring theme.  And, 
I see nothing wrong with the artists who created the genre evolving the 
message as they mature to deal with more mature concerns.  There are 
expectations for middle aged and old people, too.  Pete already dealt with 
his middle aged 'crises' so why wouldn't he continue to do so into old age? 
Angst doesn't go away when you stop being a teenager, you know!  And, as 
long as we're comparing recent work, I'll take Mike Post Theme over Outlaw 
Pete every day of the week and twice on Must See Thursday.

Jim M 

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