New Roger interview

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Fri Sep 4 20:58:01 UTC 2009

Jim M wrote:

>So, to sum up, "Floss" is "a piece of string"???

/>>/ Daltrey, who's not planning to record or film the shows,
>Not to worry Rog, I think I know some folks who'll take care of that for you!

Poor Rog has to wait like an expecting father while Pete labors away.

In the old days, Rog could clown around with John and Keith in the alley
with the dust bins to pass the time.   Now he's all alone.   "Won't you
have some tea?" 

I'd love to catch Roger and support his efforts.   Need to make that 
a priority.   Never seen a Roger solo show.    Did see DST in 94?

Joe in Philly

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