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Fri Sep 4 20:03:27 UTC 2009

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>>From Billboard:
> "But," Daltrey cautions, "that's a piece of string. That (demoing process) 
> could go on for six months. You just never know."
> Townshend has previously acknowledged working on two projects -- a new 
> musical called "Floss" and the Who's followup to 2006's "Endless Wire," 
> which he's said will include some of the pieces from the "Floss" project. 
> Daltrey is mum on the musical ("Without hearing it there's not a lot to 
> talk about, is there?," he notes) but has high expectations for 
> Townshend's latest spate of songwriting.

So, to sum up, "Floss" is "a piece of string"???

> Daltrey, who's not planning to record or film the shows,

Not to worry Rog, I think I know some folks who'll take care of that for 

Jim M 

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