The Eternal Mod returns

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Fri Sep 4 18:08:14 UTC 2009

>Joe Lewinski
>The Eternal Mod returns 
>No... GREAT times.


Folks, what we work toward here is Who Community.
While the path to that goal can be spotted with not so nice folks, usually a result of us Who fans being strong headed, the goal can be obtained.
I have enjoyed the great off-list friendships, for almost 10 years now, of several IGTC listers (represented from Akron, Philly, Boston, Detroit).  We gather, when we can, at the same shows.  NY has been a good central hub.  But there are Fla., web-site manager from Texas...the list goes on.
It's been a great past 10-15 years of Who and Who-gatherings.

>Yeah, or trick it out baby!    Bend them spokes!

Spokes?  Thanks to a certain Detroit (Auburn Hills) bloke, my current time trialer,.... has two Spin Tri-spokes.
It's BAD ASS!  :-)
Those will be on my future time trialer.

>He won it riding in on a flat tire for the last 2 miles. 

I read about that!  Also some good youtubes out there.   

>Livestrong had this Chalkbot.

Cool concept.  They rarely showed the messages though.
You know me, I watched every minute of Le Tour de Lance.
With his own team next year, he'll be hard to beat.
We'll see what sort of team Contador and Schleck can put together.
Not as powerful as Lance and Radio Shack, I'd be willing to bet.

Have a great loooong weekend, all (Labor day weekend in the US, where we make it a point NOT to labor).
I'll be out on the lake sailing Ms. Pure and Easy.

Kevin in.........VT

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