The Eternal Mod returns

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Thu Sep 3 18:44:23 UTC 2009

Kevin wrote:

>>/Joe Lewinski
/>>/Previous message: The Eternal Mod returns
/>>/I remember 
/>>>/Pete in MSG saying " Boy, I thought I'd never see your faces again" Q
/>>/I was at that show.
>Me too!

>/>I remember Pete saying that too.
>Me too!

>I also remember a certain bloke from Philly getting dealt a phony ticket, but in the end winding up dead center along the stage for only the additional cost of a nose bleed seat.
>I also remember jumping for joy and giving said Philly bloke a hug when I learned....outside...after the show.
>Ahhh, the mammaries. 
>Good times.   

No... GREAT times.   What a rush.  The highs, the lows, the highs.    Out of my brain on NJ Transit!

>>/Until then, I'll have to stick with my Cannondale.
>Not a bad bike to stick with.
>For my next birthday (45th) 

45?  "Just a mere teenager"

I'm going full suspension. I told my wife that I've earned it being on a hard-tail for over 25 years, and that once I turn 45 I'll need something to "go downhill" on.
>A BMC or a Specialized...not sure which yet.

Go with the Specialized.   è bello e preciso 
 (it is beautiful and precise )

>It will be a bitter sweet transition for this loyal Cannondale rider.

Keep it as a backup bike.....

>I'll be taking my current mountain bike (Cannondale FS5000) and making it into a mountain-road time-trialer, similar to my current M800.

Yeah, or trick it out baby!    Bend them spokes!

>So, while my dual suspension won't be a Cannondale, I'll still have one in my quiver.

Quiver.... Nobody talks like that anymore.   I'm getting all misty-eyed.

I'm strictly a road bike kind of guy for now.  I did like following our Lance on the Leadville 100 a few weeks ago.
He won it riding in on a flat tire for the last 2 miles.    "That's power for ya!"  - Jimmy Cooper

Speaking of Lance, and keeping on topic, during the Tour de France, Nike / Livestrong had this Chalkbot that
would spray inspirational messages on the road that the Tour was going to follow.  It was all yellow chalk,
that didn't really hold up well.  But they had a website where you could enter your 10 digit messages.

I entered a few.  My first one was "Peace".   My second was "The Who"   They were going to send you
an email with the location of your message, and the approximate time it would be seen on television.

I received my email for the "Peace" message about 4 weeks after the TdF was over.   So, between the
fading yellow chalk and the untimely message announcements, they've got a few kinks to work out.   Nice
idea though.   Still waiting for an announcement about "The Who" message, and the others that followed.

Joe in Philly

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