The Eternal Mod returns

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Thu Sep 3 17:15:10 UTC 2009

>Joe Lewinski
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>>I remember 
>>Pete in MSG saying " Boy, I thought I'd never see your faces again" Q
>I was at that show.

Me too!

>I remember Pete saying that too.

Me too!

I also remember a certain bloke from Philly getting dealt a phony ticket, but in the end winding up dead center along the stage for only the additional cost of a nose bleed seat.
I also remember jumping for joy and giving said Philly bloke a hug when I learned....outside...after the show.
Ahhh, the mammaries. 
Good times.   

>Until then, I'll have to stick with my Cannondale.

Not a bad bike to stick with.
For my next birthday (45th) I'm going full suspension. I told my wife that I've earned it being on a hard-tail for over 25 years, and that once I turn 45 I'll need something to "go downhill" on.
A BMC or a Specialized...not sure which yet.
It will be a bitter sweet transition for this loyal Cannondale rider.
I'll be taking my current mountain bike (Cannondale FS5000) and making it into a mountain-road time-trialer, similar to my current M800.
So, while my dual suspension won't be a Cannondale, I'll still have one in my quiver.

Kevin (getting a bit off topic) in VT

P.S.  Entwistle on his has as he, Keith and Roger are all laughing their heads off!

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