The Eternal Mod returns

Jim M Nakedi at
Wed Sep 2 21:25:22 UTC 2009

From: <theq6 at>

> If you remember the footage, That was the door the police took him out in 
> cuffs during that time we all thought it was over. I remember Pete in MSG 
> saying " Boy, I thought I'd never see your faces again"
>       Q

That's the other thing about this house.  It is in a very conspicuous spot 
on a very busy road.  Like I said, there's a hotel directly opposite where 
any tabloid photog could stake him out.  He must have felt completely 
exposed while all that was going on.

At the show before MSG that year in Mansfield, MA, he stopped the 
proceedings, walked up to the mic and just said, "Listen......THANKS."  We 
all knew what he meant.

Jim M 

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