The Eternal Mod returns

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 If you remember the footage, That was the door the police took him out in cuffs during that time we all thought it was over. I remember Pete in MSG saying " Boy, I thought I'd never see your faces again"

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> > Stalker alert!!!
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> > ;-)
> True! I checked all the windows, but couldn't see any people! 
> When did he 
> move to this house? I used to pass there all the time. Hell, a 
> guy at work 
> who was on temporary assignment from the US was put up at that 
> hotel right 
> across the street. It's too bad google didn't map the side 
> street next to 
> the house. It's a beautiful view down to the river (plus we 
> could get a 
> look at Pete's back yard!) Hard to believe this is all 12+ 
> years ago now. 
> Where does the time go??
> Can you imagine driving down the street and seeing Pete pull up 
> to his side 
> door on a scooter and drive right in?? Priceless!
> Jim M 
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