Oderus Urungus of GWAR on The Who

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> Pete Townshend and Robert Daltrey just needed the money so bad, they 
> actually had a replacement come in the very next show and they opened the set 
> with the song 'Substitute'. You have to say something for a band with that 
> kind of balls. We would have to resurrect John Entwistle from the dead, and 
> Keith Moon so everyone could enjoy the GWAR / Who show.

I hope "robert daltrey" was a dumb misprint and not something this dude 
actually said.  and no, "substitute" wasn't the first song they played on the 
first night without entwistle. REAL who fanatics remember that it was "I 
can't explain" (like every other show they've done since 2000), and THEN they 
did "substitute". I don't think they realised the irony of doing that song at 
that moment. I didn't even notice it until just now. the song was part of 
the regular setlist in that slot since 1999. 

I highly doubt the who, with keith and John or without, would wanna tour 
with a band like GWAR. if no one knows exactly what this GWAR band is, they 
basically took the formula that KISS started with and took it to a whole other 
level (some would say they went TOO far with it, but I digress.. ha). sort 
of like the most horrific kind of horror movie come to life. Look up photos 
of them at google, you'll see what I'm talking about.  there's another band 
that more or less does the same called Lordi.  and I guess you can add 
slipknot to that list as well, but they're more laid back compared to the 
previous two. 

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