YMB consistently in set-list

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There's a studio version on the remastered edition of Odds and Sods that I have.

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>Bruce bkawak
>YMB consistently in set-list 
>> what do you mean when you say, "can't say I've ever heard this live"? 
>> you
>> do know it's on "Live at Leeds", isle of wight and TKAA, right?
>I'm sure he means he hasn't heard it live in concert "in person."

Correct. I meant to write *seen* it live in concert.  Doh!
That said, I can't say I've ever *heard* YMB other than live versions....as Ernie points out....on LAL, IOW and TKAA.
And, it is most definitely Roger singing that song.....that Mose Allison original.....the Jazz Sage that he is.
And, yes, while sage is often used as a  seasoning on chicken, that's not what Pete meant, regardless of which stop Keith gets off at.

Kevin in VT

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