Where The Wild Things Are - some Who?

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Fri Oct 16 20:26:54 UTC 2009

I've been a fan of Where The Wild Things Are since
I was 5 years old.      I'm a big fan, and have "other" names
for the characters and have filled in the blanks in the dialog and captions
on the pages that have no dialog or captions during the wild rumpus.

My children have adopted these character names and the ad-hoc
dialog/captions as the /defacto /standard for the book.  They are both
outraged with the character names that the new movie has
introduced to the world.  I'm not as upset.  I'm curious to learn
about somebody else's interpretation of the story and illustrations.

So, I've been feasting on every media morel that I can get my hands on.

Full disclosure, the character that they refer to as Carol, is in my mind
named Roger [this was arrived at independently well before my Who
infatuation that would come some 15 or so years later.]
The bull-looking creature, in my mind is named, Buffelent.  There's
also Gretta, Clifford, and Goaty.   I can't wait to learn what names they
assigned to "my" Wild Things.

This book always gave me a reassuring of sorts that I could relate to.  It
deals with isolation, and neglect and wild imagination, surrendering to your
imagination and then emerging from a dream-state and confronting the
world of reality.   Sounds a bit like Jimmy Cooper.

Anyway,  Rolling Stone reviews the score of the film at:


and in one statement he says that all of the music and sound effects 
have to be inside the boy's head;
from the boy's perspective.    This is so Pete Townshend.     What is 
happening in his head!?!

"Listening to you, I get the music...."

"What is it, I'll take it"

"Is it me, for a moment"

"That's a real good looking boy...."

"Slit skirts, slit skirts...."

Thanks for your time,

Joe in Philly

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