Blue Man Group - Baba O'Riley - Live

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Mon Oct 12 02:54:07 UTC 2009

Nice cover.  Hadn't seen this one before.  Thanks Martin.

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Subject: Blue Man Group - Baba O'Riley - Live

Don't you just love the way that YouTube suggests the next video you may want to see, which has something in common with the last clip you watched?

Sometimes it'll suggest a real gem, like this one it just suggested to me:

Baba O'Riley, as performed live my the Blue Man Group.  This is a few years old, but I've not heard of this one before.  Fan - tas - tic.

They're hitting tubes with wooden spoons!

That guy's whacking a vertical piano!

The audience is sitting down, clapping politely!

You're All Wasted!

That woman's singing!  But not very well.  But it's OK, she's starting to play the violin.  She is forgiven!

-MB  (now watching Blue Man Group sing "I Feel Love"...)

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