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Wed Oct 7 22:17:55 UTC 2009

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> Roger was on last night's TMZ. Go here to watch:

>I would be remiss in my duty of my own personal being on this earth if I 
>did not tell you that the idea of these.... celebrity bothering.... 
>nitpicking.... no excuse for living.... twirps ::deep breath:: taking the....piss... 
>out of roger daltrey in this way.... using everything he says off-handedly 
>.... turning it into a lame "old rocker" joke.... and the fact that it's 
>possible that these..... twirps... could probably find better ways of making a 
>living... not to mention turning no-talents like paris hilton into 
>celebrities in their own rights.... makes me want................. to vomit. 

(anyone seen "harold and maude"? thank you.)EXACTLY Ernie.Those effing arseholes think they are so clever (the Tommy reference). Pete said that about himself years ago.They suck beyond words. I wanted to punch them.Good for Rog for telling that guy to eff off too.Harold and Maude is my favourite movie of all time, btw.

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