Roger on Ellen

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Sat Oct 3 14:57:21 UTC 2009

>ICSFM!!! Nice!! Roger's hair looks great,Simon and the band sound amazing!

Wow Mike - you're as bad as the ladies!

His hair! His glasses! His outfit! OMG he looks so hot for a 65 year old geezer!!!!!!!!!!!

He sounded just FINE..
I love the man...mostly for his spirit. 

You NEVER have to get old.

Rog has proved that!

The band sounded great too.
I think the guitarist with the hat looked a bit like Mickey Dolenz!!

I am sure it will be a fun tour.

LAME that Ellen didn't interview him.
I am still upset with her for NEVER having Rufus Wainwright on her show.
Talk about hypocrisy...jeeeeez.

I still like her can't help but like Ellen.

(and doesn't she have amazing taste in women!).



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