Roger on Ellen

Sat Oct 3 03:35:45 UTC 2009

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nakedi at writes:

> In 2000, I thought Roger was still 
> trying to be the singer he was at 30, and it showed.

that was a GREAT tour. my first who show, camden 7-7-00. 

>> Now he *has* adjusted 
>> how he sings most songs and it works much better. Ernie, you say he 
>> done this, but you just need to listen to the opening lines of Baba 
>> the years and you can hear the progression.

all I hear out of roger as the years progress is his voice croaking more 
and more.  if he IS adjusting like you say, it's not working for him. my view 

P.S. don't knock mick Jagger, ok? if it wasn't for his influence, people 
probably wouldn't have accepted rock singers like roger in the first place. 

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