Roger on Ellen

Jim nakedi at
Sat Oct 3 03:06:13 UTC 2009

From: <JOELTLE515 at>
> agreed.   he should probably let the audience do the high parts of the
> songs.  ha!

I've got news for you...there are singers who were *never* able to sing 
their songs live (<cough> Jagger).  In his prime, Roger came as close to 
recreating his studio vocals as anyone.  In 2000, I thought Roger was still 
trying to be the singer he was at 30, and it showed.  Now he *has* adjusted 
how he sings most songs and it works much better.  Ernie, you say he hasn't 
done this, but you just need to listen to the opening lines of Baba through 
the years and you can hear the progression.  This is not a knock, this is 
what singers must do as they get older.  I'm glad he has finally embraced 

I thought the entire band was a little low on energy for the Ellen 
performance, but otherwise Roger sounded great.

Jim M 

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