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>From San Francisco Chronicle:

San Francisco pays for Oracle party tent
Phillip Matier,Andrew Ross
Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A scheduling snafu involving the big annual Oracle party and the TV show "Trauma" has wound up costing San Francisco $270,000.

The mega mix-up revolves around the party that Oracle tosses for 22,000 select clients out on Treasure Island, which this year will feature rockers Aerosmith, Who front man Roger Daltrey and Shooter Jennings (son of Waylon Jennings).

For years, Oracle has rented out a big chunk of the eastern side of the island for its party, including an old airplane hangar. That was the plan for this year's Oct. 14 bash as well.

However, the city rented out the hangar to NBC's "Trauma," which, while filming in the city, has provided a number of people with jobs - including the mayor's actress wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

Oracle - one of the biggest conventions of the year - found itself out in the cold.

Now, to keep everyone happy, the city is putting up a football-field-size tent on Treasure Island for the Oracle party. Cost: about $270,000.

Mayor Gavin Newsom's office didn't try to explain away the mix-up or defend the ensuing costs. The best the mayor's people could do was point out that the weeklong Oracle convention brings in an estimated $100 million to the city, and "Trauma" brings in about $3 million an episode.

"If Donald Trump can build a tent for Moammar Khadafy, surely our friends at Oracle deserve the same hospitality," said mayoral spokesman Nathan Ballard.

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