singers who can't sing their songs anymore

sroundtable at sroundtable at
Thu Oct 1 00:58:49 UTC 2009

"Certain, more challenging Who songs can be re-worked to 
fit Daltrey's matured voice.It's certainly worth a try!"That was from Bonfire 
Jones at Rachel's forum.I think he is spot on about blowing out his voice early 
in the tour. When I saw the Who in London last December Rog sounded fine to me!"

I saw The Who on the 2006 Endless Wire tour: early in Boston, middle in Atlantic City and Philly, 

and late in Houston.? His best outing, BY FAR, was in Houston the night after he struggled mightily 

in Dallas.? He was most ragged in AC, adequate in Boston and above average in Philly.? I don't think 

there is any rhyme or reason to his good nights vs bad nights.? As for him re-working certain songs, 

he has already done that on a number of songs: Baba, LROM, The Seeker to name a few.


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