Roger on Super Bowl

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Sun Nov 29 15:56:19 UTC 2009

Brian wrote:>From The Miami Herald:

Are you excited about performing at the Super Bowl?

"Yes and no. Yes, I'm excited, but there's another bit of me that's incredibly kind of apprehensive because of the logistics of it. A 12-minute Who show is a bit weird. The trouble is, if we play the whole Baba O'Riley and the whole Won't Get Fooled Again, that's the whole 12 minutes -- even more than 12 minutes. So that's what I'm saying -- there are huge obstacles to overcome. But we're working on that, and we'll be all right.''

 -Brian in Atlanta
The Who This Month! 
I think they should do a 6 minute medley of  all the songs on: Meaty, Beaty Big and Bouncy and a 6 minute medley of BOR and WGFA! Very WHO on Ice/SuperBowly!

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