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Thu Nov 26 13:31:21 UTC 2009

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Well, I'm thankful for all their performances and that we still have the 
promise of new music from the greatest singer & songwriter in the history of 
rock & roll.

As for the poll, there are some pretty odd choices up there.  Many of them 
are fragments of shows.  Personally, I have to go with something from 1970, 
which I think was their absolute peak of live performance.  I tend to lean 
towards the shows before they introduced the Lifehouse material, just cause 
I'd rather hear them play A Quick One & Happy Jack rather than I Don't Know 
Myself & Water.  So, I go with Leeds over IoW.  The wildcard could be some 
of the later '71 shows, when they had started playing Baba and Bargain, etc. 
Maybe if they would release the San Fran show I'd change my mind.

Jim M 

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