daltrey yells at disruptive fan during NYC show

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Tue Nov 24 13:09:35 UTC 2009

from spinner.com:

At New York's Nokia Theater Friday night, the Who lead singer Roger Daltrey 
was royally ticked off by a heckling fan for shouting over the personal 
storytelling interludes of his "Use It Or Lose It" show.

The 65-year-old rocker was enjoying the intimate setting of his solo 
outing, using the opportunity to share childhood working-class tales of toiling in 
a steel factory. But he was forced to stopped mid-story to berate an 
annoying fan.

"There are people here who are interested in hearing what I have to say," 
Daltrey scolded, "so shut the f--- up already. Come up here and we'll see who 
shouts louder!"

After putting the patron in his place, Daltrey showed he was in fine form. 
Tanned and fit, he wore a white tailored shirt that kept unbuttoning to 
reveal a sculpted chest that was more gladiator than grandpa. Proving he was 
just as vocally fit, Daltrey performed Who classics including 'Who Are You', 
'Going Mobile', and 'Behind Blue Eyes', and relayed a story about the death of 
his beloved dog, which he said lent a new melancholy to the lyric, 'No one 
knows what it's like to be the sad man.'

The more loquacious half of The Who, Daltrey didn't seem lost without his 
partner Pete Townsend, whose sound-alike younger brother Simon Townsend 
filled in on vocals and guitar. Daltrey was in a playful mood, peppering the set 
with more obscure Who tunes "that Pete never wanted to play." such as 
'Pictures Of Lily', 'Naked Eye', and a ukulele-driven 'Blue, Red And Grey.' "Pete 
felt silly playing the ukulele," he teased, "but I don't."

The sold-out crowd, who got an experience that could rival any Who concert, 
stayed well after the show ended. You could almost imagine them asking, 
"Pete who?" as they shuffled out of the venue.

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