Roger Borgata Atlantic City Friday the 13th :)

Metsts41 at Metsts41 at
Tue Nov 17 12:43:29 UTC 2009

I haven't seen any reviews of the show, but since I was there I wanted to 
pass along a couple of observations. First off, to see Roger in a 900 seat 
theatre was AMAZING. I was happy with the song selection, even the stuff from 
"Largo" I wasn't familiar with was great. Very talkative in a "Storytellers" 
fashion. One thing that stood out was his rap before either Tattoo or 
Pictures of Lily, I forget which. He was talking about how John used to sing the 
high notes like the Beach Boys in the old days, then later how his voice 
ended up so low. He demonstrated the range, which made me IMMEDIATELY think how 
he was using this tour as a way of keeping his voice range in tact. Simon's 
"Going Mobile" was a nice touch to give Roger a breather. The crowd was a 
little mellow at times, but considering the average age, the fact it was in a 
casino, and the fact that it wasn't a "Who Greatest Hits" they probably 
expected would explain that. Yeah, the tickets were pricey, but for someone WHO 
never saw Roger solo before, well worth it. If ANYONE knows where an audio 
or video copy exists, PLEASE pass the info along
Tom G

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