EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! The Who plays Superbowl 2/2010

JOELTLE515 at aol.com JOELTLE515 at aol.com
Fri Nov 13 12:33:49 UTC 2009

I had said:

know anyone in america these days who has nothing to do with wall street 
that would? 

one more thing I'd like to add. it ain't "the who" anymore!  ha. 

but I guess if you want to sell the halftime show, you have to say "the 
who", right? "pete townshend and roger daltrey" dosen't exactly have the same 
ring to it. at least not to the corporate swine who only know the "CSI" 
themes that will have families and relatives and friends (celebrities or 
otherwise) attending the event.   'kinda like the world series. 

remember when baseball and football were, like, games? and legends like 
micky mantle and babe ruth were paid practically slave wages compared to what 
they're paid now? 

ah-hem, I'm sorry, this is a "who" forum, not a sports one.   my apologies. 

I hope however to be enjoying some fine doritos and a maybe a sunkist or 
two on superbowl sunday. ::holds up products a la that scene from "wayne's 
world"::  : )

here's something to discuss that anyone here can chime in on.  maybe some 
of you can enter to win the chance to participate in the show. those people 
who are crowded on the field in front of the stage, I believe they're contest 
winners who are not only there to cheer for the band, but they're also 
there to help set it all up with whoever they got working there, and it requires 
alot of rehearsal and practice (timing is everything, like I already 
pointed out with the 12-minute performing curfew.)

and who knows what the stage and all will look like.  all springsteen had 
was the stage and some fireworks, but the rolling stones had their tongue 
logo for a stage, tom petty's performance opened with a guitar as an arrow 
piercing through a heart that was the stage the band was on. (religious groups 
took this as a "phallic reference". THERE'S an idea! make pete give roger a 
"wardrobe malfunction". ha!)

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