EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! The Who plays Superbowl 2/2010

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Thu Nov 12 20:39:44 UTC 2009

You can bet your Floss that there's going to be a tour.  Pete never 
misses a chance to
capitalize on a big promotional event.    Even if they decide to do 4 
songs from Iron Man
for the Iron Man box set re-issue with demo sessions included release.

Joe in Philly

Jim wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> From: "Joe Lewinski" <lewinski at icanon.com>
>> I called this two or three years ago.   I just didn't factor in the 
>> usual Who-delays that always seem
>> to make things in the Who camp take twice as long.
> I just googled superbowl tickets for a lark and the results started at 
> >$1,700.  Oh, well, there's that bubble burst!
>> My predictions for the set list for this gig are:
>> Who Are You
>> I Can't Explain
>> Baba O'Riley
>> My Generation
> That's probably a good guess.  I think you can take WAY and Baba to 
> the bank.  How much time do they get again?  You'd think they'd play 
> Won't Get Fooled Again if the slot is long enough.  It sure would be 
> nice to see them play something that they haven't played at EVERY big 
> event.  I guess I Can't Explain fits that bill.  It wouldn't shock me 
> to see them play You Better You Bet or Pinball Wizard.
> If this becomes official, I think it's a pretty clear sign that there 
> will be a tour next year.  otherwise, that's a huge wasted marketing 
> opportunity.
> Jim M

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