surprise? Daltrey's voice gives out in Cleveland

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Pete solo WGFA at a Who show?! No way! That the lowlight (IMHO) of the Who's Next Classic Albums DVD. Hearing Pete do Going Mobile or However Much I Booze would be fun though.

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> Exactly.  Like 75% of the show.  Roger could play  harmonica, guitar,
> tambourine, jews harp, the trombone.  Whatever.  Give me Pete singing and 
> playing
> guitar on that stage in  any stage at any age.

I don't know about 75%, but 3-4 songs shouldn't be asking too much.  He 
already does Eminence Front.   He could do an acoustic break in the middle, 
like he used to with songs like Drowned or Let's See Action.  I'd love them 
to shake up the Tommy section a bit.  Pete could sing Acid Queen.  I'm sure 
we'd all love to hear Odorono!

So, if you could pick, which Who songs would you most like to hear Pete sing 
on the next tour?  Just Who songs, mind you , not his solo stuff.  And, you 
can include songs that Roger sang on the record if you like.

I think won't Get Fooled again is getting a little tired and I love the 
acoustic versions Pete has done in the past.  That would be my choice.

Jim M 

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