surprise? Daltrey's voice gives out in Cleveland

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*I* wasn't surprised because  I have experienced his voice troubles before, and because I recorded a bunch of shows off Sirius 2 years ago where he sounded just as bad. I am not ready to give up on them yet either, but I agree that - as a start at least - he should start touring in the summer.

By the way, the Simon singing option would definitely not be okay for a Who tour, I just meant that when, on occasion, Roger can't quite go for the full 90 minutes or so, that he give his voice a rest by letting Simon do "I'm the Answer" for instance.

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>surprise?  Daltrey's voice gives out in Cleveland
>I was there, and it was a great show - very intimate, and a lot of banter - but you're right: it was not a surprise that his voice failed by the end.

Hey Chris.
Like Jim said, it's good to finally get first hand accounts.
Not surprised at some of the "The Who is done" and "surprise?" statements, but am curious why *you're* not surprised?
I mean, he's had a bunch of shows where both fan and "professional" critics (bashers) have stated that he's in fine (read..good enough) voice.
Maybe it was about the lack of sleep?  We'll see how it goes from here.

>Does anyone out there know if Roger has ever visited a throat specialist?

I can't remember if he did during the EW tour when the cold weather was really messing with him.
What *I'm* surprised about is that he's touring again in colder climes.

>Like I said, I enjoyed the show, but I'm really there to cheer his singing and the musicianship

That's exactly it.  And, that's exactly why I'll continue to go see Pete and Roger and their band, what ever anyone wants to call them.
You can't beat Pete on guitar, his songs, or their lineup of musicians (refraining from any comment on Pino).

>not his determination to press on despite whatever obstacle may be in his way!

My fear is, if he can't make it through the remaining shows the plans announced may be in trouble.
Pete's no fool.  He knows the economics of it all.  It would be quite risky to book a full FLOSS tour if there is little confidence Roger can maintain.
All singers (country, pop, rock, opera, even rock opera) have bad nights.  Most singers even have bad nights in a row.
Can Roger bounce back.......that is the question.
And, can he be consistent enough for Pete and tour organizers to take....that risk. 

>I also think that, when his voice has trouble, he should let Simon sing a couple of his tunes.

Agreed.  But, did you really spend money to hear Simon?  Would people spend $200 to hear Simon on the FLOSS tour?
I wouldn't mind terribly.  But, I'm in with the other nuts.

Kevin in.....VT

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