surprise? Daltrey's voice gives out in Cleveland

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Thu Nov 5 16:13:43 UTC 2009

I was there, and it was a great show - very intimate, and a lot of banter - but you're right: it was not a surprise that his voice failed by the end. I am amazed at how long he can sustain it though. His talking voice was croaking by about the third song, but he really only started being unable to sing around the time of BOR.

I was also at Chicago in 2006 when he had to run off the stage before MG because of an allergic reaction to weed in the audience. I am convinced that this is not like Robert Plant - where he simply cannot hit the notes any more - but some sort of throat health issue, like nodules or allergies. Does anyone out there know if Roger has ever visited a throat specialist? Like I said, I enjoyed the show, but I'm really there to cheer his singing and the musicianship, not his determination to press on despite whatever obstacle may be in his way!

- Chris in Cleveland

P.S. I also think that, when his voice has trouble, he should let Simon sing a couple of his tunes.
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