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Martin Bailey mbailey at netsoltek.co.uk
Tue Nov 3 14:05:54 UTC 2009

I watched the Boat That Rocked last night (AKA Pirate Radio).  Very entertaining.

It had a huge cast of stars from British Comedy TV shows; most of which whom be recognised outside the UK.

The biggest stars, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Nighy, are two actors who I don't usually like much - but both were excellent in this film.  
Kenneth Branagh and wife Emma Thompson also make appearances.

(Sidetrack: as part of my college English Literature class, around twenty years ago, we saw Hamlet performed in Brighton.
After the show, we were stood outside when the two stars were leaving.  Most of my class flocked around them, getting their autographs and having their photos take together.  
But I stayed back, thinking: "why bother meeting these two actors?  No one's ever heard of them."  A few years later, Kenneth Brianna and Emma Thompson were HUGE stars.

My life seems to be full of missed opportunities like this.)

Jim M said:

> Yes, but pirates are cool.  They'll probably draw thousands of Americans in 
> who are expecting to see Johnny Depp!

Your comment made me laugh - when I saw that Jack Davenport was in this film. 
(He was in the Pirates of the Caribbean films too).

> That makes more sense than WGFA, which is in the movie trailer.

There were three Who songs used in all.  My Generation made Kenneth Branagh exclaim: "Turn this filth off!".  
I Can See for Miles and Won't Get Fooled Again were played during the two most exciting moments of the film.  
I didn't want the songs to stop.

> Let us know what you think.  The story sounds original and I'd love to know 
> more about the whole Pirate Radio movement.  

Good, adult humour.  Very funny, and very touching - sometimes at the same time (eg: when the DJ mimes "Stay With me Baby", after splitting with his wife after 17 hours.)  
So many humorous scenes; even the bonus Deleted Scenes on the DVD are hilarious.

For example: Basketball match between UK (number of players: around 12) and US (player: Philip Seymour Hoffman).  
Winning team: US.  Easily.

> The trailer looks a little 
> cheesy to me, but there should be a great soundtrack.

The soundtrack was just great.  So many good songs were stuffed into the film.  
Full of songs from The Kinks, Stones, Beach Boys, Motown, etc.

The only possible criticism is that the all songs used are very, very well known.  
This film was set 4 years before I was born, and I knew every song.  
They could have made it more interesting with a few lesser-known gems.

Anyway: go see it.  Or wait for the DVD.


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