Ghost of Keith Moon drives Flaming Lips

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Sun May 31 12:19:40 UTC 2009

>From The Sunday Mail:

Flaming Lips star says Rock Ness festival is a monster gig
May 31 2009
by Billy Sloan

THE Flaming Lips have revealed plans for the most outrageous live show of their career when they headline RockNess this summer.

Frontman Wayne Coyne says his inspiration for the gig is his hero Keith Moon of The Who.

He says the spirit of "Moon the Loon" - who died from a drugs overdose in 1978 at 32 - will be driving him on at the festival beside Loch Ness.

Wayne, 48, said: " I was only 14 when I first saw The Who play in 1975. I knew they were great musically but visually they blew me away.

"The band had giant green laser beams and Keith literally exploded through his drum kit.

"It was an intense show. That kind of wild spectacle drew me to music presented in a more visual way.

"That was the appeal of rock 'n' roll. I'm drawn to the idea you can create your own freaky world and draw people in. It was never just about the songs for our band." 

 -Brian in Atlanta
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