Soo Who Bar Update!

Martin Bailey mbailey at
Fri May 29 08:34:02 UTC 2009

It started with Sue saying this:

> For the opening night, DJ Sue D will be playing  every Who song in chronological order....

And I did the maths:

>How long will that take?  Assuming around 250 songs ...  assume 3 and half 
>minutes each ... (calculator moment) ... 
>875 minutes ... 14 and a half hours!

Which made Jim ask:

> That's what, all the studio albums (including O&S?), Live at Leeds and the 
> MBBAB singles, but not other live albums like Who's Last or Join Together? 
> Are we including bonus tracks, or just the original albums?

I thought just one version of each song.  Including any bonus tracks and rarities.  Usually, use the studio version - unless the only version available is a live version (eg: Spoonful, (I'm A) Roadrunner, etc).

That started me thinking at a tangent:

What Who songs are there which ONLY exist as Live versions?

I can feel a new thread coming on....


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