Soo Who Bar Update!

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Sun May 24 10:08:07 UTC 2009

Hello friends-

Won't carry on TOO much, but my partners chose the name Soo Who Bar which is ok. It wasn't my top choice but, I am not complaining. They wanted something Asian sounding, which is reasonable.  The Chinese translation will be "shu fu" which means "comfortable/easy." 

We started to work on a logo...I will post it once it's complete. It will be a target with the name in chinese like lettering (and the arrow, natch). So I don't think I am in danger of getting SUED! (Please Pete and Rog, don't sue Sue!).

I had a blast shopping on for Who prints. They are all black and white and most of them are from the 60s and 70s. 
I have a few pics of Pete and I which I will frame, along with a note and Christmas card he sent me. 

We are doing a bit of renovating - making a very nice, clean, cozy bathroom (with candles even) and doing the hallway leading to the bathroom over (I will also have candles there too). 

For the opening night, DJ Sue D will be playing  every Who song in chronological order....and I am going to give away Soo WHO t-shirts to every customer who can tell me what their fave Who song is, or at least be able to name ONE!  See, I am a woman with a MISSION...educating the good people of Taipei about the BEST band on the planet! 

For the promotional flyer,  I just need to get my Who Chucks that I ordered from Converse! I want to take a picture of MY FEET  wearing the Who Chucks - crossed over the arm of my sofa with the line: "Come to Soo WHO/SHU FU- be one of the comfortable people..."

Oh and of course I will have a 1 free beer ticket on the flyer too!

SADLY I WILL BE THE ONLY WHO FREAK THERE!!!!  Aw, but maybe not for long.......

Aiming for a JUNE 5th opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


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