zak on oasis: "the smartest musicians I've ever met"

Sat May 23 04:45:56 UTC 2009

article excerpt:

The Who vs Oasis

When asked to compare playing with Oasis to playing with The Who to fill 
those enormous shoes left by Keith Moon, Starkey's second answer might also 
surprise: "It was just as difficult playing in Oasis as it is with The Who.> 
"It's irrelevant that there are more fills to play in The Who. I'd get all 
these wanker drummers saying, 'Oh man, I could do the Oasis gig with one 
hand tied behind my back'. Well, you may be able to but it will fucking sound 
shit mate! If my drumming was slightly slow or fast, everybody in that band 
knew it."

"F*cking massive"

"Liam, Noel, Gem and Andy are some of the smartest musicians I've ever 
met," he continued. "In fact, they're the most inspiring band I've ever worked 
with. I played with Oasis for four years and literally spent every day crying 
with laughter. Those lads are on it and that's why they're fucking 

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