Alan Cox on Keith Moon movie

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i'v just read some of it. Mmm, no  wonder rog wasn't impressed. 

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> well, frankly, sid and nancy weren't
> exactly "sympathetic characters", were 
> they?   never saw "repo man" but I thought
> "sid and nancy" was rather dull 
> and boring myself.   maybe it's a blessing
> in disguise that this guy isn't 
> involved with the keith moon film project? 
> I'm still pushing for whoever it was that was behind the
> film "the Life and 
> death of peter sellers" to be involved with the keith moon
> film.  daltrey 
> wants us to go into "keith's world" and for it not to be a
> "typical biopic"?  
> well, "peter sellers" did just that I thought, but for
> peter sellers. 
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