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Alex Cox [Repo Man, Sid and Nancy] on his greatest films that never were

Keith Moon Was Here

AC: That was work for hire. I think Roger Daltrey was the executive producer, and so maybe it didn’t fit his recollection of events or vision of the story. It’s a pretty funny script. It features Peter Sellers as the antagonist. Peter Sellers is the devil!

D: He’s a giant spider at some point.

AC: He’s a giant spider, but he’s also Harry Nilsson, so Peter Sellers will go out and Harry Nilsson will come in and it’s obviously the same guy. And Peter Sellers is kind of creating this hell world for Moon. That was a funny script.

D: Somehow Roger Daltrey didn’t remember it that way?

AC: Perhaps. I think that the people who wanted to make the film were expecting more of a mainstream biopic—which is really hard, to make a guy like that sympathetic. I mean, the guy’s a serial wife beater, you know? It’s really hard to make a guy like that conventionally sympathetic.

[script available here:]

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