My Final Answer!

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Wed May 13 10:07:19 UTC 2009


sorry to bore you guys with this...and THANKS AGAIN for your wonderful suggestions........

now hubby wants it to be: WHO SOO BAR - because he won't have to make many changes to the sign! ok whatever!!

it's still cute...and very Dr. Seuss too! :)  My Mandarin tutor is here - I am going to ask him if WHO SOO means anything....I doubt it...

So.......Alan - I am afraid you and hubby are on the same wavelength........
are you an engineer too????????

We are getting this place for a SONG, btw.

Hee hee. I didn't even mean to write that.

Seriously - we TOTALLY lucked out to a Frenchman who was about to buy it and convert it to a Gelato Bar. (okaaaaaaaaaay!)
We JUST beat him out... the landlord likes the fact that we want to keep running it as a bar too.
The Force was with us....
OH! And she is friends with all the local cops, so if we ever need help, they're on OUR side! woo WHO!!!




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