My FINAL Answer!

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at
Tue May 12 08:47:46 UTC 2009

Thanks again for all the suggestions for my Who-licious bar 2 b.

After changing my mind 500 times, I think hubby and partner will agree on WHOligans!! And even if they don't....well, TOO BAD. ;)

I am such a loser...the name of the bar was Woo So Bar and Grill. Not Woo SOO! Funny how your mind plays tricks on you

Now here's your Mandarin lesson for today- Woo So means; "bullshit" in Mandarin! hee hee! 

There is ANOTHER Woo So in a really cool town called Beitou - known for their hot springs. It's not far from me. This bar is kind of like a beach bar- lots of wood and neon and live bands. They've got 2 floors. MUCH bigger than this ours! Maybe we can buy THAT one next!! WHO knows???

I plan on having live guitarists/vocalists and even alcohol -free karaoke nites for my 11 year old daughter and her friends! Of course I MUST find an AMERICAN karoake machine- one that is well-stocked with Who songs (if they even exist!).

All the proceeds from our opening night are going to go to a local orphanage........that was hubby's idea. An excellent idea!!

MUCHOS GRACIAS, amigos.......


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