Exciting Biz Venture!!!!!!!!!

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at gmail.com
Mon May 11 10:19:25 UTC 2009

My dear mates~

THANK YOU for your suggestions! They're awesome.

One friend suggested: "Ba- Bar O'Reilly" which I particularly like...THEN I remembered seeing my fave local punk band in high school  (nearly 30 years ago)- a Connecticut based band called, The Reducers, at a bar in New London (ironically) called: "Baba O'Reilly's."  (!!!!).

I don't know if I can legally do this, but I would love to go for Baba O'Reilly's. But then again...I am in Taiwan...land of the rip-offs/knock-offs,so when in ROME, erm...Taipei...........................

I think if I own a bar and grill, it's begging for an Irish name- don'tcha think????? and the Baba part is kinda cool because my hubby is from India. 


I love The Marquee Club-------------- and I could have fun with that....but I wouldn't DARE rip off Pete's famous "ad!"

 I already can envision the sign (regardless of the name) and I have painted the outside of the bar in Who colors with a target in my head.The sign will also have a target in red, white and blue!

Anyone handy with a paintbrush? I'll pay for your airfare and put you up in my lovely flat! :)

Actually, I have befriended a BRILLIANT artist here, so MAYBE I could hire him. Trouble is, we are now in competition! He owns a bar/restaurant not too far from ours! He may not be game!!

AnyWHO................thanks bunches. I am still open to more suggestions. If I decide on BBO'R'S I better not invite Pete to play after all though.  ;)


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