Bruce does The Who

Jim nakedi at
Sun May 10 13:33:51 UTC 2009

From: "Brian Cady" <brianinatlanta2001 at>
Subject: Bruce does The Who

> ...The mid-set sign request slots brought the tour premiere of 
> "Ramrod"—with the always enjoyable Bruce and > Stevie shtick—followed by a 
> truly on-the-spot cover of The Who's "My Generation." Bruce, Steve and 
> Nils held an > extended conference to work out the proper key and chord 
> changes, and the p-p-p-performance featured several >  impressive solos 
> from a smiling Garry, who seemed to relish the chance to take on John 
> Entwhistle's classic bass > line...

This has been a regular feature on the Springsteen tour.  They've been 
calling it 'stump the band'.  At the show in Boston I went to they played 'I 
Want To Be Sedated'.

Jim M 

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