Exciting Biz Venture!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan DeSimone suesjoy at gmail.com
Sun May 10 06:08:15 UTC 2009

Hello Fellow Who Freakazoids~

Well, this is quite sudden, but I am now part owner of a really cute little bar!

I am very excited about being a DJ/Bartender there...at my leisure.  :)

We need to re-name it - it's now the WooSoo Bar (funny because my name is Sue).

I would LOVE to name it something Who/Pete related - in a legal way of course.

 WHOSOO bar is too close I think!!!  SOO'S WHO BAR????  Who's WHO Bar???? I would like it to be a pub- but it looks nothing like an English Pub at the mo.

Even something that captures the essence of the Who. There is a Mod Hair Salon so "Mod" is taken....damn.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Oh and COME TO TAIWAN and we can have Who nights!!! Sadly it's too small for a band to set up...unless we set them up on the sidewalk!!!!!!!!  :)
I want to have acoustic guitarists play regularly there though.
Can't WAIT to promote local musicians! It's a dream come true.........really.
Maybe I can invite Pete...  now that I have my OWN venue!! Wait 'til he finds out...     :)

Peace and love,

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