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Well, obviously 40 million pounds is nothing to sneeze at. I bet it also has something to do with that a-hole Shel Talmy getting half of everything (or some ridiculous percentage)up through "Tommy" (thanks Kit and Chris). I still find it hard to believe Dire Straits was that big; maybe they were bigger in the UK than they were in the states.

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> Chris, re
> > > However, can Pete really be worth less than Englebert Humperdink, Tom 
> > > Jones, Mark Knofler, and Van Morrison?! Shouldn't someone who is 
> > > arguably in the top five all time of rock songwriters be worth more?
> No. The reality is that Humperdinck and Tom Jones have earnt mega bucks in
> Las Vegas for many, many years - consistently. Pete's earnings stopped in
> 1982 and only really resumed in 1996. 
> By stopped, I mean from all aspects of the music biz except royalties. These
> too have been drying up -  like most of the "dinosaur" bands' royalties have
> dried up.
> Apart from ticket sales Tom and Engel would have made money from merchandise
> etc from their performances, whereas Pete only had royalties to support him
> from 1982 to 1996. I have read somewhere that Who "record" sales even of the
> reissues have been dismal - I think I read that the WSO re issue only sold
> 50,000 worldwide, which effectively gives Pete fuck all. I am of course open
> to correction!
> Much as I would love to have seen Pete make a fortune from his solo
> catalogue, I doubt if he sold enough from Iron Man, Pyschoderelict and White
> City to cover his costs.
> As for Mark Knopfler, Dire Straights were the biggest band of the early CD
> era and I have no doubt he earnt far more and has more than Pete.
> Van Morrison? If he's as economical with money as he is with manners, then
> he is still probably living off his Them royalties! 
> John
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